Andrea is a California native who attributes her love of cooking to growing up in an Italian family with deep roots in sharing good food and good company. She grew up helping in the garden and kitchen where farm to table was always the norm. Having real food readily available in the yard cultivated a desire to know more about the healing properties of food. With an interest in food as medicine, she attended Bauman College in 2010 to become a Therapeutic Chef. From there she has worked in catering, restaurants, as a private chef, and as a partner for a food truck. There is nothing with food she doesn't enjoy doing, but her passion lies in simplicity and nourishment that brings others together. 


Chef Libby has had food as the heart of her passions since she was a child. Coming from a long line of fantastic home cooks, Libby was responsible for helping to cook her family dinner once a week since she was 10. This sparked her love for being in the kitchen. She has a diverse family background that stretches from Scandinavia to New Orleans that has always brought new and interesting flavors into her life. This love of cooking translated into wanting to know more about how food affects the body. A career shift in 2009 landed her back in her hometown helping to open up a cafe. There, she fell back in love with cooking and decided to attend culinary school at Bauman College where she could learn more about holistic nutrition and therapeutic cooking. After living in San Francisco and working in various restaurants geared towards plant based whole foods, she ultimately wanted to be back in Truckee once again where she was born and raised. Though her son is still too young to help in the kitchen, she hopes to one day help him make the family meals like her mom did with her.



Forklore was created by Chef Libby and Chef Andrea out of a desire to provide real, wholesome and healing foods to their community in Truckee, Ca. We both spent the past 10 years on a similar food journey, even attending the same small culinary school for medicinal food use. We were brought together as Chef and Sous Chef of a new restaurant in Truckee where we quickly learned how well we worked together and were passionate about a shared vision. After the restaurant closed due to the challenges of Covid, we decided to start a private cheffing and holistic meal prep service. With more people eating at home and desiring healthy food, we want to be able to make those choices not only effortless, but delicious as well. Forklore foods does everything from weekly meal prep to gourmet dinner parties, always opting for real food and quality ingredients. We also provide grocery shopping services, nutritional consultations, pantry and kitchen organization, and catered group outings for various events. We are happy to work with people on whatever their specific needs may be, so don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!